By Free Motion Physiotherapy

Your core is the control center of your body, allowing functional movement throughout exercise and during daily activities. It should constantly be working in the background whether you are training, sitting at your desk or just preparing a meal in the kitchen. A strong core is best way to prevent injury and promote more efficient workouts overall.

Much of our daily activities and our most common forms of exercise (running and cycling) all involve what we call linear movements, namely forwards and backwards. These linear movements can improve our speed and strength, but the ability to change direction, shift weight and move from side to side are essential for all round strength and control. It is also important to continue to challenge and stimulate your core and this requires adding in a variety of lateral training movements. Focussing on only one aspect of training (lateral or linear) can lead to an imbalance, causing muscle weakness and potential injuries.

Here are a few exercises which will not only challenge the strength of your core muscles but combine lateral shifts and movements to improve all over control and strength.