By Free Motion Physiotherapy

Many of us have the daily reality of sitting at a desk staring down a computer screen all day, and only getting up for lunch and toilet breaks! As a result, we feel shoulder tightness or experience an ache in our shoulders as the day progresses. Shoulder tightness, discomfort or pain can also slowly appear as we age, from overuse, repetitive sports or movements and previous injuries. This can affect our ability to get adequate sleep, lift grocery bags, or push open heavy doors. Maintaining our shoulder mobility is not something we think about or focus on until our daily activities are impacted, or the discomfort, pain and stiffness finally become unbearable. It is important to be conscious of how our body is feeling and take preventative measures in keeping our shoulders mobile, strong and healthy. Simple shoulder mobility exercises and reducing pressure and stress on our shoulder joints are a great place to start. Shoulder mobility exercises that focus on and improve flexibility, and range of motion aid in keeping our shoulders strong. This helps us live fuller and more functional lives, as well as protecting us against injury and chronic pain. Both flexibility and mobility are important in keeping our shoulders strong and healthy. We can’t all work standing or stop our bodies from aging, but we can add a few simple exercises into our daily routines which can change how we function and feel.